Willowbrook Riding Centre | Willowbrook is horse riding school offering lessons and scenic hacking located between Chichester and Havant ( West Sussex / Hampshire )

Willowbrook Riding Centre lies between the South Downs and the sea in the semi rural village of Hambrook. A family run riding school and livery yard with a friendly, informal atmosphere. The riding school is open all year round and we offer lessons and hacking for anyone over the age of 2 and a half with a maximum weight of 16st. The riding school is situated close to the West Sussex / Hampshire border, about 4 miles from Havant and Chichester.

Hacking on Boe Hill with Willowbrook Riding Centre
  • Lessons for all ages and abilities.
  • A Large Floodlit menage
  • Private or Group Lessons available.
  • Hacking on the Sussex Downs.
  • Children’s pony mornings. 
  • School horses and ponies for sale.
  • Maximum of 6 in a lesson or hack.
  • We offer Full Livery.
  • Open 5 days a week (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays).
  • Informal and friendly instructors.
  • Nervous and Novice Riders welcomed.
  • Vouchers available.
  • B & B accommodation

At Willowbrook Riding Centre you will receive a pleasant and warm welcome from our team - Christine Hirlehey and Kerry Reed. We are here to cater for your equestrian needs from basic lessons to long enjoyable hacks.

Cancellation Policy
Staff Office at Willowbrook Riding Centre
 - The Cancellation Policy applies to all bookings.

 - If at least 48 hours notice of Cancellation is given then 

the lesson or hack can be re-booked for a future date.

- In the event that less than 48 hours notice is given the full cost of the lesson will be charged.

Riding Attire - safety and comfort
Horse riding hats and boots at Willowbrook
- All riders must wear a riding hat which complies with the necessary safety standards of the Association of British Riding Schools.

- Riders may hire a riding hat free of charge.

- All riders must wear suitable footwear. If footwear does not have a suitable sole and heel, riding boots will be provided free of charge.

- We ride in all weathers so please ensure that your clothing is suitable for the weather.

The horses at Willowbrook
Star (Horse) at Willowbrook The horses are all fit and healthy and have annual vet inspections to ensure they remain fit. They are not used for more than 4 hours a day, however they rarely do four hours and most do little work except at the weekends. They also have at least two complete days off a week to ensure they are well rested and don’t “switch off” to the rider. As an extra treat during the year all the horses and ponies are regularly given carrots and on a rotation basis the horses are given treats such as salt licks to ensure they feel well looked after too. 


Angel, 15hh 8 yr, laid back lady. Currently used in Willowbrook riding center for lessons and hacking. Good on the roads, alone and in company. Doesn't mind heavy traffic or open spaces. Snaffle mouthed. Sensible in the school. Happy to look after novices. A real confidence giver. Happy to do trotting poles or trot over little jumps while someone learns/ gets there confidence. Really sweet natured mare, easy to handle, box, shoe clip e.t.c. Happy to live in or out. Currently in a large mixed herd of mares and geldings.



Ellie, 15.1hh, 6 year old solid piebald mare. Nice comfortable "Leg in each corner" ride. Currently used in Willowbrook riding centre. Good in front/ alone or behind in lessons or out hacking. Used to heavy traffic and open spaces. Responsive to the leg, without being sharp, spooky or strong. Good to catch, box, clip e.t.c. Not in any way mareish, lovely stable manners. Happy to live in or out. used to being in a large mixed herd of mares and geldings.
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyzL10IFLVg


Mary, 15hh, 5 year old dark brown/ black chunky cob mare. A sweet natured girl who wants to please. Goes out hacking and in the school. Has got a nice straightforward jump. Should go on to make a nice riding club/ pony club type. Easy to handle, happy to live in or out. Used to being in a large mixed herd of mares and geldings. Good to catch, load, shoe e.t.c.
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdrDodzyuyA


Ginny is a very sweet natured girl who happily hacks alone or in company, quite happy to just go for a walk round the village or to have a canter out. Ginny is 10 years old. She has been used in Willowbrook riding centre for hacking and lessons. She is used to open spaces and farm animals and has seen lots of tractors and lorries to which she doesn’t take any notice. She will happily go around the school, but only really does walk and trot in the school (she is easy to canter out hacking). Will live in or out and is used to being in a large mixed herds of mares and geldings. Not at all mareish.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRpjj8xTl8w


Clover, 14.3hh, 5 year old pretty skewbald mare. Currently used in Willowbrook riding center. She has a good size jump, yet is still happy to pop tiny fences. A really easy pony to look after, happy to live in or out. Currently in a large mixed herd of mares and geldings. She is good to catch, clip, bath, load, shoe e.t.c.
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTHwcTh8pCM


Lucy, 15.2hh bright bay mare. 14 years old. Currently used in Willowbrook riding center. A really nice horse out hacking. Comfortable and snaffle mouthed. Following she is used to taking absolutely anyone, from first time riders to children and anyone else. She will happily plod round the village or go out over the Southdowns for a canter.Good in open spaces, busy roads, past tractors, lorries, dogs e.t.c. Can ride her on the buckle in canter and quite happily just carry's on. Happy to live in or out, currently in a large mixed herd of mares and geldings.