At Willowbrook, we have an excellent selection of horses for sale, and we specialise in confidence giving horses and ponies for all ages and sizes. Most of our horses are Gypsy Cobs (commonly known as cobs or Gypsy Vanners in the USA) which are used in the riding school for lessons and hacking, mostly with novice riders. We’re happy for buyers to spend time trying a horse or pony in every way. The horse stays with us, but you are welcome to hack out, have a lesson, jump, groom and handle the horse until you’re confident it is the right one for you. We’re located 10 minutes from Chichester and Havant along the West Sussex and Hampshire border, so if you live quite far away, we even have an on-site bed and breakfast.

All of our beautiful horses for sale are listed below – please give us a call for further information on 01243 572683 or email us at If you do not find anything suitable on our horses for sale page, then please review our website periodically as it is always kept up to date!

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Robbie. Horse for sale at Willowbrook
  • Age – 5
  • Sex – Gelding
  • Height – 15 hh
  • Price – £2950


Horse jumping at Willowbrook Riding Centre West Sussex
  • Age – 6
  • Sex – Gelding
  • Height – 14.2 hh
  • Price – £2650


  • Age – 7
  • Sex – Mare
  • Height – 15.2 hh
  • Price – £3450


  • Age – 9
  • Sex – Gelding
  • Height – 14.2 hh
  • Price – £2850


  • Age – 5
  • Sex – Mare
  • Height – 14.1 hh
  • Price – £2950

Cobs for Sale

Cobs are a special type of horse. Especially popular in the United Kingdom, their place of origin, these animals may not look particularly like they were bred for the saddle. Some of them, strong and sturdy, with thickly feathered legs, seem more fit to pulling carts and coaches than for the saddle.

But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Cobs are a good choice for new riders: gentle and calm, dependable and make great confidence giving horses. Cobs come in a variation of sizes from big ponies, to larger heavyweight cobs ideal for weight-carrying horses, or slightly slender types which make brilliant all-rounders. People new to riding will find good companions in Cobs, as they will be more tolerant than other horses. Children may benefit as well: their calmness makes them a safe choice for the younger riders too.

This isn’t to say they are slow or boring rides. Quite the opposite: these horses are as intelligent as they are kind. They will be ready to learn new things and perform in several different situations and conditions, while retaining their calm and sweet disposition.

They are an excellent choice for people who want the company of a good, dependable horse, one that they will learn from, as much as they will teach.

Riding School Horses for Sale

Riding school horses are a special kind of horse. They are an excellent option for people seeking to buy their first horse, or even for veterans who don’t want to deal with dealing with a green or new horse all over again.

The reason is quite simple. The riding school horse is a veteran itself. Used to teaching and dealing with varying levels of riding skills and various types of riders and riding styles. They’re often also desensitized from things like traffic and other disturbances, making them less likely to spook at random noises and thus, more dependable.

These horses may not be as flashy as a young show horse, but they’re certainly better for new riders and younger people who may not be able to deal with a more spirited animal. rather, the riding school horse will perform its function as a teacher and help guide the new rider in the right direction, with less risk of disastrous results or injuries.

Even veteran riders will benefit from a calmer animal that will not need a lot of guidance. the riding school horse will be a good companion for casuals and veterans alike who are in need of a calm, dependable animal that already knows the ins and outs of the horse-human relationship.