Our Horse Riding Lessons

We offer riding lessons for all ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced riders in our all-weather ménage. Our lessons are given by our friendly and experienced instructors and we especially welcome the nervous rider needing to progress at their own pace. As far as possible, we ensure that you have the same instructor each time to ensure your riding progresses in a consistent manner.

We take safety very seriously and riders are taught to mount and dismount safely as part of their lesson. We have a variety of sensible and happy horses and ponies which people will have an opportunity to ride and improve their all-around skills.

We are proud of our confidence-giving horses and we keep them fit, healthy, and most importantly, happy.

Why Our Horse Riding Lessons Are Different

In our lessons, we do not permit riders to follow ‘nose to tail’ in merry-go-round fashion but have each person work their mount individually. This not only keeps the horse interested and teaches riders better control and awareness of what is going on around them but helps to ensure a rider’s confidence matches their ability as they progress.

To maintain the quality of tuition as high as possible there is a maximum of six in a lesson, however, the majority of our lessons do not reach this number.

Our lessons are never rushed with no rider being pressured to exceed their capability (unlike other horse riding schools where riders are asked to canter too early, like running before you can walk!) and to this end, lessons are grouped with riders of similar ability.

Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions before booking.

Riding Lesson Prices


1/2 hr (Under 16 yrs)£25
1 hr (Under 16 yrs)£40
1/2 hr (Adults)£27
1 hr (Adults)£42
1/2 hr Private (Weekday)£42
1 hr Private (Weekday)£65
1/2 hr Private (Weekend)£55